Thursday, March 3, 2011


You know, I've always hated PETA. Ever since I saw their ads on the internet and watched their "Meet your Meat" campaign I've pretty much said "FUCK PETA". I really hate those people, all they've ever done is talk a bunch of shit about how we should stop eating meat because it's cruel to animals. No shit it's "cruel", you do have to KILL the thing before you can eat it, but you know what, god put them on earth for a reason, and he made us far more intelligent then them for a reason too, and to be honest, my ancestors got fucked in the ass by too many lions and tigers to just go to eating carrots. Fuck that. PETA is bullshit. The only thing I actually agree with, is that fur trading is extremely cruel. Not only because I can't afford any of that fancy shit, but because people kill animals only for their fur and nothing else.

Other than that, PETA is full of shit:

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